Monday, 12 September 2016

Still Getting faster!

"you know the cycle is going well, when you can admire the bikes that you overtake"

I'm have the odd concern that I've peaked, that's it.  I started triathlon too late in life, I've had some good races in some amazing places, but age is creeping up, and the back of the line of finishers is where I'm heading.

I completed the Leeds triathlon this weekend, not the WTS one, the other one:

I managed a pb for the overall race (2:33:16) and was faster in T1, cycling, and the run.  In itself this proves that I'm not past my best yet... but more importantly, on parts of the bike course I could feel that I could have gone faster (up hills) had I trained a bit more.  I don't live near any good hills, but I should be able to factor this into next years training.

So suddenly I'm feeling optimistic for next years racing!

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